Q. How many kids jump can jump at one time?

A. Our jumpers hold approximately 6-12 kids depending on the size of jumper and the age of the kids. Most people split children into groups by size and take turns for safety.

Q. How long does it take to set- up a jumper?

A. Average set up takes approximately 15-30 minutes depending on the location of where the jump is to be set up.

Q. Is there anything I can do to prepare for my rental?

A. Yes, Please have an idea where the jump is to be set up and have payment ready.

Q. What type of surface can you set a jump on?

A. Grass provides the safest option. A flat surface is required and no more than 50 feet from the closest power source. We prefer not to set up in muddy or slippery environments.

Q. What types of themes are available?

A. Go to our different pages to see our themes

Q. Are your jumps like everyone else?

A. Our jumps include many unique features as described in the safety page.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. Three day minimum is appreciated.

Q. What is your rain policy?

A. We will not set up in the rain. If there is a chance of rain, we will contact you in the morning of the event. If you choose to have the jump, and driver sets it up, and then begins to rain , full payment is required regardless of the amount of use.

Q. Can I have a jump at a park?

A. You will need to check with each individual park or city to make sure they will allow inflatable equipment. If a permit is required, you are responsible to get it, not Dino Jump Florida

Q. Where will the power come from at the park?

A. Most parks have electrical resources that you can utilize.

Q. Who's the best bounce house or water slide rental company in Cape Coral and Fort Myers?

A. There are a lot of reputable rental companies in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lee & Charlotte County areas. However, we feel Dino Jump of Florida is one of the best bounce house rental companies in the area. We offer a large selection of inflatable rentals at some of the best pricing. We are professional, and on-time for you event.